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Accessing innovative legal technology solutions has never been easier.  In this post, I cover three AI-powered logic solutions that can create automated legal documents using chatbots.

  1. DoNotPay

Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, labelled the ‘Robin hood of the internet’, created his famous chatbot two years ago to help people overturn parking tickets.  The bot has a record of overturning 55% of parking tickets.

A few days ago, he announced the launch of a robot lawyer covering 1,000 different areas of law in the US.  And on 14 July 2017, he made the announcement that he is allowing ANYONE to use his technology to create legal bots for free.

Literally anyone can use this.  Create your own free legal chatbot to automate your documents!  No expertise required.  What are you waiting for?

All you have to do is fill in a simple form and email it to  If you email before midnight on 24 July you will receive your link within 24 hours.

  1. Docubot

Last year, 1LAW launched Docubot.  A chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to assist in generating legal documents. It is now available through GitHub as a WordPress plug-in.

The Docubot technology gives people access to legal services without having to sit down with a lawyer – the Docubot guides them through the process in generating a legal document – reducing legal fees. It provides a cost-effective alternative to those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford legal services, but earn too much to be considered pro bono.

  1. Neota Logic

Neota Logic is an incredibly powerful tool and we have yet to see what can be achieved by leveraging this AI platform.  Neota Logic allows non-developers to build logic-based applications on its platform using a variety of tools, such as decision trees, if-then mappings, weighted scoring and more!  It can easily create a chatbot for legal document automation.

In South Africa, the technology team at Norton Rose Fulbright* created an AI tool to assist their clients comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act, called POPI Counsel.  POPI Counsel currently contains eight Neota Logic-powered applications that generate legal opinions immediately (there are more tools in the pipeline).  The lead developer of all eight applications is Kerri Crawford, a senior associate in the team (you can contact Kerri for more info:

Ok, what are you waiting for… go build a chatbot!

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*I trained as a developer on the Neota Logic platform and was part of the team that built the POPI Counsel tool while I was at Norton Rose Fulbright.