“It was really a nice presentation. You seemed well prepared and experienced in what you do. I liked it.” –  Nestory Nicholaus Maro, Systems Analyst, Bank of Tanzania

Every business is a digital business

Across industries, more devices are becoming sensorised, connected and intelligent. This increases the amount of data collected and analysed.  Not everyone can be a technical or cyber security expert, but it is your responsibility to be able to ask the right questions to understand digital risk so you can make informed decisions for the company, especially when adopting emerging technologies.  Are you aware of the digital risks and ethical questions that need be asked when implementing new technology in your business?

Artificial intelligence – the robots are coming

AI is a field of computer science that potentially includes machine learning, natural language processing, speech processing, expert systems and machine vision.  It can be combined with robotics to create smart machines like robots, drones and driverless vehicles. These powerful advancements in technology brings with it a host of complex legal and ethical questions.  This talk provides an overview of possible future scenarios and the related legal and ethical questions that arise.

Breaking down blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology (commonly referred to as “blockchain”) has been the buzzword in the FinTech world over the last 18 months.  This technology on which the Bitcoin network is built has the potential for numerous applications in financial services and other industries, including smart contracts, clearing and settlement, trade finance, micro-lending, supply chain management and e-proxy voting.  This talk will cover the basics of DLT, discuss real world applications, as well as look at possible legal considerations and risks.

Hackers gonna hack

Cybercrime is on the rise and is becoming of increasing importance in the digital age we live in.  It is no longer a matter of “if” you will be hacked or “when” you will be hacked, but whether you know you’ve been hacked or not. Consequences of a data breach are not only a hefty fine – business’ brand and reputation are at stake. In addition to being hacked, are you aware of the other contributing factors to data breaches, such as employee risk?  This talk deals with cybercrime trends and statistics, data breaches, an overview of the Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Bill, as well as cybersecurity measures that can be implemented.

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